Umpire Uniform – Expectations

Umpires are expected to be in clean, neat, Sandringham Umpire uniforms at all times. White Tops & White Skirt are compulsory.  Umpire Uniforms are available for purchase at Thomas Street Front Office on Saturday game day between 8am and 6pm.  In the event your size is unavailable we will order it in for you.

Please refer to sizing chart to assist.

**Please note we have a small selection of second hand uniforms available for sale at reduced rates.

Umpire Uniform Prices

Umpire Skirt – $40.00

Umpire Polo – $39.00

Umpire Jacket – $75.00


Umpire Uniform Sizing Chart

Skirt Sizing Chart

Polo Sizing Chart

Jacket Sizing Chart